Wow....it's been a while since I posted. This was supposed to be a slow bargain week and it didn't turn out to be so slow. Lots of great deals on Pantene & Perfect 10 hair care at Target. I even have a slightly different haircolor to show for it!! ;~)

Here are the Food Lion deals pulled from The Grocery Game. These are only good until 5/27 (Tuesday).

Buy any 4 General Mills Cereals, Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks, Nature Valley Granola Bars or Fiber One bars in a single transaction and save $6 instantly at checkout.

Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks 2/$4, $1/2 in GM insert from 5/25 paper.

Scenario: (4) BC Fruit Snacks = $8 - $2 coupons - $6 instant savings = FREE

General Mills Cheerios (and maybe other types, not clear) $3.31 each, $1/2 in GM insert from 5/25 paper.
Scenario: (4) Cheerios = $13.24 - $2 coupons - $6 instant savings = $5.24 or $1.31 a box

Other noteable deals:
Uncle Ben's Country Inn or Long Grain & Wild Rice $0.89 each ($1/2 or $1/1 in 3/9 RP)

Hamburger Helper Skillet Mixes $10/10
Suddenly Salad $2.32 each, BOGO free
Buy (1) Hamburger Helper + (2) Suddenly Salad and use $1 off coupon from 5/25 GM insert, pay for the 3 items = $2.32 for all 3 items(could also use this coupon for (3) Hamburger Helper mixes for $0.67 each)

Bisquick Shake 'n Pour Pancake Mix, 10/$10, buy 2 and use the $1 off wyb 2 in the 5/25 GM flyer = $0.50 each

Quaker Simple Harvest Cereal Bars, $1.59 (closeout), $1 off in 5/4 & 4/6 SS) = $0.59 each

Quaker GranolaBites are also on closeout for $1.33 each.

Breyer's Yogurt, $0.50 each X 6= $3.00, use $1/6 (3/9 SS) = $0.33 each

Fl bacon is on sale $1.79 FLIP : $1 off = 79 cents a pack!


Feeding the family (gourmet) for next to nothing.....

Last week was a pretty awesome week at Wags. For every 9 Crest toothpastes that you buy (for free with coupons) or 6 Covergirl cosmetics (almost free), you get $20 in register rewards (RR's) for your next purchase.

Well I accumulated about $180 worth of RR's. Last night we stopped at Wags and I ran in to get some snacks and basic foods for lunches this week. Fruit cups, Cheez-its, pudding, the basics. Of course I used my RR's. But I also rolled some of them into $60 & $20 Omaha Steaks gift cards.

So today I went to Omaha after work and got one heck of a deal to feed the family for the week. I have to mention this is the 3rd time I have done this or something similar and it is such a great way to do our grocery shopping for the week!! LOL

Here is what I got:
~10 burgers
~6 franks
~4 chicken breasts
~2 filet mignons
~2 top sirloins
~2 shrimp fettucine (it was DELICIOUS for dinner tonight, served it with my free Food Lion fresh, not frozen, garlic bread!)
~4 stuffed baked potatoes
~garlic mashed potatoes
~creamed spinach
~vegetable medley

Retail total of all the above products: $249.88
Total discounts $153.94
Net total $89.95
Gift cards used $60 + $20
Total cash OOP $9.95 WOW!!!!


My Safeway Totals

(32) 12-pack Dasani fridge pack

(32) bags of Ghiradelli chocolate (24 of which survived, 8 melted!!)

(96) Hallmark Expressions cards

Total OOP $30.15 and have (2) $5 off your next order coupons


If you have to be sick.......

......you might as well get paid for it!!

More foot problems for me. What a surprise! I saw Dr P and besides needing a special ointment and antibiotics, I also get to endure a little extra torture from Drew or Ulli (or whoever is sucker enough to have to help me.....) The lucky helper gets to jam the gauze pad into the surgery area and listen to me scream. Yep, definitely the highlight of the day.

Anyways, here are two current gift card offers for filling a prescription at CVS.
**(change to landscape to print properly)

$25 can go a L-O-N-G way in CVS world!!


Here's an awesome deal at Safeway through Sunday 5/11. Thanks to Fannie for breaking down the details:

12 - Warm Wishes/Expressions Hallmark cards $.99ea
4 - Dasani 12 pack fridge pack water $3.00ea
4 - votive candles by hallmark $3.00ea or 4 - Ghiradelli Chocolates
(you will need the coupons for the two items above to be free -- check the card aisle for the displays for both promos)

Cpns Used:
4 - free votive candle cpns or 4 - free Ghiradelli chocolates
1- Score $5 catalina from last time (or for 1st transaction you will just pay $5 more)

Safeway deductions that come off automatically
$.99 x 3 hallmark cards
$3 x 4 dasani fridge packs (buy 3 cards get dasani for free)
Total $4.14 OOP and got another $5 catalina for the score $5 promo
Rinse & repeat!

One of my transactions the cashier gave me the coupon max for the Ghiradelli, so $5.99 off on each. My total OOP for that transaction was only $0.29 and I didn't even have to use my $5 cat!!! Woohoo!!

My totals for today:
(12) 12-packs of Dasani water
(12) bags of Ghiradelli chocolate
(36) Hallmark greeting cards
Total OOP $12.22 and have (2) $5 catalinas to roll into this deal again and again!!! So that is a net of $2.22 for all the above!

Oh....and if that is not enough incentive for this great deal.....
Free Movie Ticket Link You need to buy 3 Ghirardelli products and they will send you a movie ticket to see "maid of honor" or any Sony Pictures/Tristar film up to $12.00

I will definitely be hitting a few more Safeways between now and Sunday!!



OK, so I am about to send out an email to my family & friends to let everyone know where this blog is. Welcome!!!!!

This is definitely a work in progress. I am going to start posting deals and upcoming deals when I can....just bear with me. If you have a question, please feel free to ask.

Hope you enjoy reading!!

p.s. Don't forget to leave me comments and let me know what you think ;~)

What's HOT this week - lots of dental care!!

This morning I checked out the Pasadena flea market to see who my competition is and start organizing my upcoming sale in my mind. Drew & I will be organizing my stash and planning a Saturday soon to sell off as much as we can. It is kind of strange to think about selling it..... I worked hard for all the goods.... but I also can't wait to have the cash in hand!! ;~)

Then I went to CVS and made some money!!! I got:
(3) Colgate 360 toothbrushes -$1 q
(5) Orapik Travel tools
(1) Aquafresh Extreme -$1 q
(1) Aquafresh Advanced -$1.50 q
(2) Tums QuikPack -$1/2 q
(3) Adidas deodorants -$4.99 q's on each
(4) Baltimore Sun Sunday papers (for the coupons of course!)

Also used a $5/$30 CVS q and $34.94 in ECB's.....
$0.94 OOP and earned........$50.67 in ECB's!!

Then off to Wags to try out this week's P&G deal. Unfortunately someone had hit the store pretty hard before I got there so I had to mix and match some.

1st transaction:
(4) Crest Pro-Health toothpaste
(1) Covergirl blush
(2) Covergirl powders
(2) Covergirl eyeshadows
Used Q's/IVC's for the Crest and Covergirl and (2) $4 RR's that were close to expiring. Total before tax was -$0.28, total OOP was $1.85 and earned (2) $10 RR's to use on future transactions.

2nd transaction:
(6) Crest Pro-Health toothpaste
(1) package of ace bandage "tape" (for my toe!)
Total OOP $4.19 (all of this was the tape for my toe and tax!)
and earned a $10 RR back.

I really needed 9 Crest to make the best deal....but I still think I did ok, especially since I really only paid for the bandage tape which I needed.



An awesome site to check out is http://www.bzzagent.com/. It is free to sign up and takes little to no effort to earn great rewards and free products.

I signed up in February and have been offered the following campaigns so far:

-Horizon Milk: received several coupons for free 1/2 gallons plus other $$ off coupons
-Glade WISP flameless candle: received a free WISP candle, 2 free refills and several coupons.
-Tropicana Pure Valencia orange juice: received 5 coupons for free orange juice. Even better, I used those coupons at Safeway during the Living Well promo and turned free orange juice into a $10 off your next grocery shopping trip coupon!!
-Claritin Redi-Tabs: received a free box of Claritin redi-tabs and a bunch of $3 off coupons.

and the best by far........

-Logitech Harmony One universal remote! Retails for $250!!!!!!!!!
Drew was beyond excited to set it up and it is soooo easy to use and awesome! Mom, if you are reading this, no more fears using our TV/DVD/Cable/etc when you come over!! It has a touch screen and automatically sets all components to whatever setting is needed with the touch of one key.

BzzAgent is so easy to do and free. You literally only have to write up 3 or 4 quick (think 5-6 sentence) reports for each product. Once you write up reports you receive points and eventually can redeem them for even more free stuff.

So to recap, it's free to sign up, you get free products and/or coupons, and then when you write up small reports you earn more free products. Sounds like a no-brainer to me.

CVS - May Monthly Deals

Here is one of the scenarios I did today at CVS. This is a great moneymaker deal when combined with coupons. I used the $5/30 CVS coupon emailed to me but can also work great with a $3/$15.

1 Aquafresh Extreme Toothpaste
2 Aquafresh Advanced Toothpaste
2 Tums QuikPack
3 Adidas Deodorants
Total $33.32

-1.50 Aquafresh Extreme
-1.00 x 2 Aquafresh Advanced
-1.00 wyb 2 Tums
-4.99 x 3 Adidas (in All You magazine available for purchase at Walmart)
-5.00 CVS coupon
-7.99 ECB

Total OOP $0.86 + tax
Earn $33.32 in ECB's

Walgreens 5/4-5/10 Awesome deals!!!

Awesome deals at Wags this week!! Huge thanks to HCW for some great scenarios. Here are the ones I will be tracking down this week:

(10) Pro Health Toothpaste 10x $2.50 = $25.00
(10) $1/1 Pro Health Coupon (P&G 4/6 exp 5/31) 10x $1/1 = -$10.00
Now use the IVC for $3/2 Crest Pro Health = -$15.00
Total would be $0.00 (just add tax) and receive a $20 RR back

Zantac 150 cool mint tablets are $3.99 & you get a $3RR...there is a $5 IP coupon on Walgreen's own site good on ANY Maximum Strength Zantac 150 Cool Mint Tablets! Some Wags don't do overage so this might be a no-go. I have gotten 40+ with overage at WM so I am not so worried about this one!

Cover Girl Buy 1 Get 1 50% off, plus a $20 RR wyb 10, combine with great CG q's from past inserts and 5/4 inserts. Some low price CG items:
Eyebrow and Eye Enhance (two small pencil) 2.99Nail polish 3.99Power Puffs 2.99Sharpener 3.29Eyeshadow 3.49Retractable Pencil 4.99Eye liner pencil 4.79Lash Curler 4.99Lip Slick 3.99Concealer Tube 4.79

$9.99 - Venus
$0.10 - Filler
- $4/1 manu Venus-$6.00
- P&G RR= $0.09 oop + tax
Get $6 RR

Charmin Toilet Paper x 4
= $13.96
-$2.00 - $.50/1 7-day x 4
-$1.00 - $.25/1 manu Charmin x 4
-$10.00 - P&G RR
= $0.96 oop + tax

****Important note: make sure you do not use an RR from the same deal into the next deal or you will not get another RR. For example, if you get a $6 RR from the Venus, you can not use it to buy Venus again and get another $6 RR. You have to rotate deals.***

Will post more as others start reporting how the deals pan out! Stay tuned.....


Where do I get my deals.....????

I have to give credit where it is due. I am not the mastermind behind all of these deals. Some of them I have found through my own research/trial and error. But most of these come from a group of wonderful ladies that are part of an online community. We are a group of women that work together to strategize the current sales at different stores and match up coupons to purchase items at little or no cost (or even get paid to shop!!) I also reference other coupon boards and by combining the knowledge of many smart shoppers, I am able to maximize my savings. I am simply logging most of my deals here to make it easier for me to 1) keep it organized and 2) share the deals with my friends & family.

I found the online groups in late December by accident and I was instantly drawn in to how they were walking out of CVS with $50, $60, $100 worth of stuff for pennies. At first I was a bit skeptical, but I soon realized it is only a matter of maximizing the deals to your advantage.

There is NOTHING illegal about how we coupon (often referred to as super couponing). I do not and will not advocate improper coupon usage. We follow all coupon requirements. There are enough great deals out there that you do not need to cheat the system to get them.

Why am I "buying" diabetes monitors and 30 boxes of toilet cleaners?? Well, because they are free, moneymakers or will sell great in a flea market. Sometimes we have to acquire items we don't actually want in order to get items we want. One of the other concepts of super couponing is to stockpile. What this means is you purchase as many items as you can when it is either free or rock bottom pricing so that you will not need to purchase it again at full retail price. You will never want to pay full price for toothpaste again. In fact, even paying $0.50 a tube for toothpaste will seem like a ripoff!

What makes me even more excited than free?? A moneymaker!! Simply put, this is an item where the sale price is so good that the coupon value is higher and you gain the difference! So if an item is on sale for $2.50 and you have a coupon for $3 off that item, you are making $0.50 on that item. Now the store isn't going to hand you money out of the register....you will just plan for this overage and incorporate it into your other purchases in this transaction. Ie. this overage will help pay for something else that you are buying that is not free.

Follow me on my journey and we will save TONS of money together. It is also alot of fun -- what's better than walking out of a store with tons of bags AND your wallet full?!?!